We raised over CHF 6M

Positrigo raises more than CHF 6 million in blended financing, series A led by 4FO Ventures, to support the development of its next-generation head Positron Emission Tomography system.

Positrigo has closed a CHF 3.9 million series A investment round, led by 4FO Ventures, accompanied by substantial contributions from Great Filter Ventures, Zurich Cantonal Bank, and ETH Zurich Foundation. At the same time, Positrigo was awarded a European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator grant of up to EUR 2.2 million, plus an additional equity financing offer.

Positrigo is an emerging start-up developing ultra-compact Positron Emission Tomography (PET) systems for the brain. Positrigo’s aim is to deliver versatile head PET scanners with applications for an accessible early detection of causes of dementia and beyond.

“Today, in challenging times we are excited to announce that we have closed our series A with extremely strong strategic investors.”

Jannis Fischer, CEO of Positrigo

“Our series A does not stand alone. It is accompanied by the highly prestigious EIC Accelerator grant from the European Commission, which together is a double bang taking our company to the next level.”

Max Ahnen, COO and co-founder

This financial bonanza comes at a time of rapid development for Positrigo, as the BPET clinical prototype was completed this year, together with ETH Zurich. The financial boost will kickstart the development of the first product NeuroLF. NeuroLF is the next step in Positrigo’s aim is to deliver versatile ultra-compact head PET scanners.

“We have been fascinated by Positrigo’s technology and its market potential. Their approach allows the spread of a technology normally reserved to large, well-funded hospitals and can allow a point-of-care approach to brain-scanning. We were especially impressed by the team and its enthusiasm”.

Jean-Pierre Rosat, PhD; 4FO Ventures Founder and General Partner

“Positrigo is a jewel of a Swiss company and has a technology that has the potential of a world-wide use. The company totally represents the best of what Swiss Universities can develop and we are happy to support their fantastic project.”

Binzhe Wang of Great Filter Ventures

“Positrigo’s technology is aimed at making the early detection of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s accessible to a broad population. The innovative young company therefore has the potential to have a major impact not only medically but also socially and is therefore supported by Zurich Cantonal Bank with start-up financing.”

Daniel Schoch, Head of Start-up Finance at Zurich Cantonal Bank

4FO Ventures is a Luxembourg domiciled fund, focused on early-stage companies in Switzerland. The fund invests in artificial intelligence related projects and medtech companies, with a special emphasis on ethical and highly innovative projects. The 4FO team is composed of successful and seasoned entrepreneurs, who makes substantial efforts to support the portfolio companies in installing Good Management Practices very early on and provide networking. The fund is also engaged in the search for co-investors specialized in the industries of the portfolio companies on subsequent financing rounds. Luxrise 4FO Ventures is managed by Berger, van Berchem & Cie SA based in Geneva and Lausanne.

Great Filter Ventures (达武创投) is a China based fund, focused on high-tech companies in various industries. The fund has been founded and is managed by successful entrepreneurs that have been part of the Tencent success.

For start-up entrepreneurs, Zurich Cantonal Bank is a reliable business partner with experience in building up businesses for 150 years.

The ETH Foundation promotes the most promising spinoffs from ETH Zurich already before their founding and further supports them, together with its partners, through early stage financing, to help them reach their full potential.

Positrigo AG

Jannis Fischer CEO, Max Ahnen COO

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