Positrigo team members co-author proof-of-concept study

December 21, 2022

Positrigo team members co-authored a proof-of-concept study which was published in the Journal of Imaging.

NeuroLF is a dedicated brain PET system with an octagonal prism shape housed in a scanner head that can be positioned around a patient’s head. Because it does not have MR or CT capabilities, attenuation correction based on an estimation of the attenuation map is a crucial feature. In this article, we demonstrate this method on [18F]FDG PET brain scans performed with a low-resolution proof of concept prototype of NeuroLF called BPET. We perform an affine registration of a template PET scan to the uncorrected emission image, and then apply the resulting transform to the corresponding template attenuation map. Using a whole-body PET/CT system as reference, we quantitively show that this method yields comparable image quality (0.893 average correlation to reference scan) to using the reference µ-map as obtained from the CT scan of the imaged patient (0.908 average correlation). We conclude from this initial study that attenuation correction using template registration instead of a patient CT delivers similar results and is an option for patients undergoing brain PET.